Firstly: Africa is not dangerous!

So many people are reluctant to go to Africa. All religions and different tribes live here in peace, not next to but among each other. But fair? I also had to drag my partner along the first time and now he does not want anything else other than to be present on this world's most beautiful continent. 

East Africa is unique. Those endlessly empty, typically African landscapes where on the horizon a bunch of elephants trudge into the sunset, while the hippos submerge themselves in a mud pool. 

No travel experience on earth quite compares with a genuine African safari.

Our 6 tips for a perfect safari in a nutshell:

1. Don't leave any mess around.

May sound obvious but believe us … people leave serious rubbish in national parks.

2. Never run in a game-walk.

In some parks you can also do safaris on foot. Very cool and certainly do, but always pay close attention to speeding up your stride.

Lions in particular see such movements as if you were prey ... U run U die!!!

3. Do like the animals: look for water.

Especially at the end of the afternoon when it gets less warm and the wild animals no longer need the shelter of trees and bushes.

The game is then often thirsty and looking for water.

4. Do not wear bright colored clothes or perfume.

Certain animals, including elephants and bulls, react strongly to red clothing.

The same goes for perfume or other conspicuous smells, because then you will have to beat the insects away ...

5. Choose alternative safari countries.

When you think of safaris, you probably think of South Africa or Kenya. Which of course are also beautiful countries.

However, consider a completely different destination, such as Malawi or Uganda.

6. This is not the time to book with whoever is cheapest.

It is certainly good to contact a few different companies and negotiate a bit, but you still want to make sure you are going with someone who knows what they are doing so choose a "real" Tanzania registered company.

A good safari company takes good care of their vehicles and so should the driver. Our driver and guides are not only good spotters but also know how to treat the environment with respect in order to guide you through a safe safari.

Marc: "Everything was actually perfectly arranged and there is nothing that could have been better."

Do you have any questions? You may find your answer in the list of F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions).

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