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U can leave Africa ... but Africa will never leave U !

JADORE SAFARIS only organizes private safaris. Unlike large tour operators that just fill a van with all kinds of different nationalities, we offer a completely personal & composed safari. 

Fully tailored to the dreams and wishes of you, our guests who set off with the best guides in a well-equipped and maintained 4X4 vehicle.

The moment we came face to face with wild animals was the moment that completely changed the trajectory of our lives.
It felt like coming home and from then on we fell in love with the adventure, hospitality, culture, nature and beauty of Tanzania and East Africa.
We have made it our life goal to create a safari company that is all about unique experiences and sharing the most special nature and wilderness.

Koen & Katja of JADORE SAFARIS respond: “Our clients friendliness is the most important thing for us. That is completely in line with what we want: that the visitor have nice days in "our" Africa and can enjoy how beautiful nature is here ... without worries: hakuna matata"

Together we will certainly find an option that suits you!

It is a journey of discovery that we embark on together. This booking is made directly with us.

No online travel agents and / or third-party websites are involved. 

Our mission is to provide our guests with a unique and highly personalized safari experience with memories for a lifetime.

With a positive long-term impact on the environment and for local communities that we can and may visit together.

Time for more sustainable forms of tourism. Instead of ticking off highlights quickly, often and cheaply, take the time to really take in the environment, nature and culture.  You protect so many people, families, animals and nature because in Africa people and nature are largely dependent on the income from sustainable tourism. Come with us to the most beautiful destinations on the continent of Africa we love.

JADORE SAFARI offers tailor-made private tours through Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawie. We attach exceptional value to personal contact and a unique travel experience that fully meets your wishes.
If you are looking for the ultimate safari experience, then you have come to the right place!

It is also our mission to regularly support the local community in our neighborhood (Kiwawa village).

Read all about our current project here.

Liselotte: "Koen has promised a good driver and that promise was fulfilled. Anwar turned out to be a great guy, an all-round driver who knew the parks through and through, who also knew a lot of drivers personally and who advised us everywhere we went (lodges, stores, museums, ...)."