A short but exciting hike through the lesser-known Kibola forest. (Tanzania)

Published on 18 May 2022 at 20:47

Just 3km from the entrance to Arusha National Park. With Mount Meru on one side and Kilimanjaro on the other side as a backdrop.

We couldn't see it in the dense green forest, but we could when entering or leaving the forest.

(the weather was clear, which is usually the case more often in the morning)

With a local guide from Meru (who knows this forest like the back of his hand), an English-speaking interpreter and photographer, we made a loop through this forest for about 3 hours.

We went here in search of six families of (Colobus) monkeys that have settled here over the years. Our JADORE SAFARIS guides gave info and knew perfectly where the animals are located or where they were best spotted last time.

In the morning not only animals are also very active.

This walk is not just allowed for everyone, as people occasionally walk through the private domains of residents. Of course this is all arranged and provided with the necessary authorities, but we also occasionally came across some locals who carried out their daily activities. Such as washing clothes or taking water in one of the "springs" that flow through the forest towards the larger Usa River.

The walk itself went up and down...

along and even over deep chasms and through narrow streams. So sometimes we got wet feet.

Among other things, we stopped at a special unique old tree, where we could have a drink.

The ideal trip for half a day to experience the nature of Tanzania.

In addition to the various primates such as the colobus, vervet and even baboons, this forest is also rich in other inhabitants.

Many small and larger birds, including various hornbills, large butterflies, dragonflies and colorful large crickets adorn this totally unknown and undeservedly unloved little forest.

This activity was not dangerous, but a somewhat good condition to walk for 2 hours on unpaved narrow roads was recommended before. A good pair of shoes were also very useful to be able to do this hike in a comfortable way.

By the way, did you know that this tour provides a win-win situation for people and nature? The people in the region are paid with the income from this walk not to expand or build further in the forest. Good for these locals and for nature!

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