This is the original "Out of Africa" ​​safari destination because this is where the legendary film was shot. Or relax on one of the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. The many resorts and beach lodges also offer a wide variety of water sports and excursions.

The masai tribes or the savannah plains with one and a half million wildebeest that cross the Masai Mara area in the autumn in search of fresh grass and water. The same group that travels through the Sergengeti of Tanzania for 10 months a year. Kenya is also home to many Soda lakes, including Lake Nakuru which is known for thousands of flamingos and other birds that come to winter in winter.

And at Lake Naivasha you will see an incredible variety of countless birds (over 400 different species) and many hippos.

Explore two iconic destinations, Amboseli, Tsavo (East and West).

From here you have a nice view of neighboring Tanzania ... in the form of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What makes Kenya different from Tanzania is that you may spot fewer wild animals and birds, and the connecting journeys are longer, but on the other hand, the landscapes offer more diversity. (Kenya is also slightly cheaper)

Below you will find some travel examples of routes that are regularly chosen but all this can be adapted to your personal wishes with anything, because this is your safari!!

14 days  safari + beach

from USD 2877 p.p.

  9 days safari Northern

 from 1799 USD p.p.

Chantal: "We found the month of December to be a wonderful month to visit Kenya ...  pleasant temperature both during the day and at night.

And everything beautiful green and in bloom at the end of spring!!!"