In a village in Usariver (Kiwawa village) near Arusha in Tanzania, in 2019 after completing building a primary school, it was decided to develop a secondary school to ensure children continue with their education for better future livelihood .

The aim was to help the local children continue their education and provide themselves and the community with a brighter and better future. Really beautiful work was done with (by African standards) modern buildings. Everything ran smoothly and with the support of the many parents who were able to put in a little money every time, this project was realized. We, from JADORE SAFARIS, are also involved in this project because with every booking a percentage goes to "our" school.

But then came corona ....

The parents and parties involved (as everywhere in the world) moaned under the economic crisis. Especially here in East Africa where tourism is oh so important.

Result: the buildings are there but can't get any further.

At the moment,  people would like to finish everything .

Installing electricity is currently one of the things that are prior.

We visited the site ourselves and took these poignant photos of the beautiful but desolate school buildings.

At the moment 490 USD is needed to provide the school with this comfort, and to be able to work properly.

That is why we have decided to start a crowdfunding/donation campaign in order to collect this amount.

If you are interested in this charity, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.