Everything in Africa bites ... but the safari bug is the worst of all!

Because life is too short to watch a nature documentary at home ...

We offer a range of safari options from budget to exclusive packages at JADORE SAFARIS.

The space, the wildlife, the freedom, the welcoming people, the adventure, the feeling of being close to
the origins of where we came from, the simplicity of life, the companionship ... 

You can go on safari with a 4X4 jeep, on foot, by bike, by boat, by plane or by hot air balloon.

By the way, East Africa is just as famous among safari visitors as it is among those who want to enjoy themselves on the beach. The Indian Ocean and Zanzibar have evolved into the world's most visited beach vacation destinations.

Holiday concepts that are completely different, but that are easy to combine.

Thanks to our experience and our network, we not only offer tours in Tanzania.

We also organize safaris in our neighboring countries Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. Moreover, all this can be done tailor-made and put together according to your wishes.

Take a look below at some of our offered travel destinations and tour examples.

Jos: "From the first contact I had a good feeling with this company and after a week of safari I can only say that everything was arranged insanely well."