Southern Tanzania

Where often more lions than tourists walk...

The National parks and game Reserves of the southern circuit are arguably, the hidden treasures of Tanzania's authentic Africa. Here are the largest populations of elephants in the country, estimated at around 12,000!!!

There are Ruaha with an untouched rough wilderness and Mikumi NP, which are also called small Serengeti. Here you will find wild dogs, large kudus and sable antelopes that you cannot or rarely see in other parks. Even more to the South-West lies Katavi NP for the extremely real Africa feeling with a desolate landscape where you can find extremely large herds of Cape buffalo, hippo or crocodile and where there are as many tourists in one year as there are in Serengeti in the high season come in one day. Furthermore, with the more famous Nyerere game reserve (before Selous), this is the largest park covering 5% of the total area of ​​Tanzania. Here you will also find large water features to explore by boat.

And then there is also an alternative here in the form of the rarely visited but beautiful Kitulo where you do not go for the wildlife but it is a paradise for hikers who like to stay in hills and spot many flowers. Especially in the period between December and April, after a long climb over unpaved roads and hairpin bends, you come across a splendor of flowers (the garden of God) that is in its greatest bloom at that time.

Below you will find some travel examples of routes that are regularly chosen but all this can be adapted to your personal wishes with anything, because this is your safari!!!

"Thanks to JADORE SAFARIS  Koen & Katja's personal approach and our driver who was well-cared for, friendly, not pushy with good information. .

Joachim DP.