A convenient alternative to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Published on 19 September 2021 at 17:07

How would you visit Tanzania and never experience a Kilimanjaro scenic flight?

There are very few places in Tanzania where you can take a scenic flight. Kilimanjaro scenic flight is one of its kind.  

No surprise to hear some clients mentioning that this flight is a bucket list item for them.

It’s one thing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro; it’s quite another to take a scenic flight over its snow-covered peaks and bask in; its glittering glaciers. Imagine views from above the highest mountain in Africa; there’s nothing like it on earth. The pro (and the almost pro) photographers know how important scenery is for great shots. A lot of people  have joined us on our flights and have seen how a bird’s eye view of Kilimanjaro can give them some of the best shots of their career.

Your “why?” can be a powerful tool to overcome the fear. 

Think of the excitement and benefits that will result from you taking the flight.  When contemplating booking a Kilimanjaro Scenic flight, have a look at these Trip Advisor reviews from other travelers and imagine yourself experiencing all the features along with your Kilimanjaro Scenic Flight. Overcoming the fear of flying does not mean you denying that you have the fear. 

Accepting you have the fear and embracing it, will give you the strength to practice how to overcome it.

Your best chance of viewing Mt Kilimanjaro is in the morning hours, and around sunset. 

On most mornings and evenings you are likely to find some layer of cloud around 3000m above mean sea level.

But the towering height of Mount Kilimanjaro is higher than those clouds at that height. As a result, it’s impossible to tell if the mountain is visible or not while standing at it’s foothills because of the overcast clouds. One of the ways to guarantee the mountain is visual is being able to communicate with rangers who are at 4800m on the mountain and above about the weather conditions and visibility. 

Not only 'the roof of Africa'. 

Mount Meru is an active (but currently dormant) volcano located north of Arusha in Tanzania.  Located only 70 km from Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru also has a second peak, called Little Meru standing at 3801 metres tall.

At 4562 metres, Mt. Meru is Tanzania’s second highest mountain, the fourth highest in Africa.

Powerful volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago destroyed much of the eastern side of Mt. Meru resulting in its distinctive horseshoe rim, creating one of the tallest cliffs in Africa, at a towering 1500 meters. 

A safe, convenient experience of a lifetime.

Say you saw Mount Kilimanjaro on a magazine, on the web, a plane, or its been a long time bucket list item. You finally made the decision to book and embark on the 7 days trek to Africa’s rooftop. Unfortunately, you did not make it to Uhuru peak for various reasons as many other trekkers. Do not pounder in disappointment, rather celebrate your bravery, with similar views as those of the “white-necked ravens” you saw, that float fearlessly on the mountain.

Ready to plan your flight?

Due to COVID-19, unfortunately, there are no longer 2 flights every day as there used to be. Unless you are with 4 people, the plane will always take to the air. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities and the few fixed moments that leave every month anyway.

Who knows, we may be able to schedule these in your own JADORE SAFARI program.

We hereby let you dream away with some atmospheric images of your (who knows) future flight.

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