When you know how to adapt, it will get into your blood and you will never lose it. It is sometimes also called a disease:

the African bug!

Have you wanted to see all the wildlife in its natural habitat for years?

Tanzania is the ultimate safari country.

A family of 50 elephants in Tarangire. Countless hippos and crocodiles in a heap or a herd of 1000 Cape buffalo in southern Katavi.

But there's more!

Year after year Tanzania is acclaimed as Africa’s premier safari destination, and so why not make her yours?

We give you 7 reasons why this destination should really be on your bucket list.

1. Real safari experience with an eye for nature conservation.

Recently TANAPA (TANzania NAtional PArks) was voted best world wildlife conservation organization by Europe!! In other parks (such as Kruger with, among other things, asphalted roads) poaching is not taken as hard as here. Useful things are done with the money you pay for the entrance of the national parks. The fight that the rangers wage against poaching is partly funded by this. By the way, did you know that due to a poaching crusade, the number of elephants in Tanzania has increased from 43,000 in 2015 to 51,000 in 2019.

Even vets and maintenance of roads, which are often washed away in the rainy season, are paid for by your entrance.


2. Beach and swaying palm trees.

You can choose to start or end your Africa adventure under a swaying palm tree.

The cozy Zanzibar beaches are about a 55-minute flight from Arusha.

3. You can also stretch your legs.

The Big Five is of course the main reason to go to Tanzania. We understand that, as we never get enough of it ourselves! You can spot game safely from a safari jeep. Not only game drives but also game walks can be done in Tanzania.

Under the guidance of a ranger with a firearm you will be protected at all times. It's the kick of your life.

4. Sleep in cool tented camps and lodges. Your sleeping places vary from relatively basic to wonderfully comfortable.

One time you can sleep in a cool tent lodge with a view of the savannah of the Serengeti and another time under the stars in a spacious dome tent in our eco-camp near the Masai.

5. Meet the Masai.

Tanzania has more to offer than just safari experiences.

On the way to the national parks you can make a respectful and cultural stopover at various tribes.

You can be part of a Masai community for a while.


6. Witness the Great Trek.

Better known as “the greatest show on earth”. Each season the game is in a different area.

One and a half million wildebeests, zebras and gazelles travel great distances while searching for water and grass.

7. The big 5.

Tanzania is the place where you have the best chance of spotting the entire Big Five

(the lion, the African elephant, the rhinoceros, the African buffalo and the leopard).

Our conclusion as we experience it here on a daily basis is that what you will experience here, you will not experience anywhere else. Pole pole (Swahili for taking it easy) or hakuna matata (relax, everything will be fine). Not today?

Then there are new opportunities tomorrow ... African time.

THE safari destination par excellence because when spotting wildlife you simply find more quality, more quantity and more diversity.

To experience everything yourself, you can already take a look at our safari offer in TANZANIA.

Suzanne: "We have seen insanely beautiful and special animals, thanks to the good communication with other drivers and ability to recognize these animals from a great distance."