Northern Tanzania

This Northern safari route, with its two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Serengeti and Ngorongoro), is Africa's most famous and most imaginative site. Many wild animals and birds dwell here, meaning that there is always something special to spot. With Arusha and Kilimanjaro airport as the starting point, this is perfect for almost immediately starting a trip.

In addition to these 2 famous NPs, there are also some other parks and game reserves that we offer and can combine. There is the lesser known Tarangire,  sparse vegetation, consisting of baobab and acacia trees, makes it a beautiful and very special location.

Where you will encounter fewer tourists than elephants (this is our favorite by the way). Lake Manyare which is a small park by African standards and which is 70% filled with water from the lake in the rainy season. There are not many different paths to follow, but you can still see large parts of the park. Even smaller is one in our own backyard, the Arusha NP where you can even explore the park on foot (game-walk) or by canoe.

Or for those who want something very different, there is lake Eyasi, Kilimanjaro NP, Mkomazi NP or much less known and one of the most special locations lake Natron. But this is a long way from the standard safari areas, so you do need some extra time to add and visit this place in your tour.

Below you will find some travel examples of routes that are regularly chosen, but all this can be adjusted to your personal wishes,

because this is your safari!

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